Meet Sky Silverstein, a driven professional with a passion for bridging connections and making meaningful impacts in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Born in New York City and nurtured on the spirited grounds of Long Island, Sky embodies the tenacity and drive synonymous with the city’s energy and the calm vibe of eastern LI.

From a young age, Sky honed not only their hockey skills but also invaluable life lessons on teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. These qualities paved the way for a remarkable journey, earning a partial scholarship that fueled a dual pursuit—balancing sports excellence with academic achievements.

Majoring in business management and operational leadership with a marketing focus at university, Sky’s dedication to mastering the intricacies of business strategy became evident. Their collegiate years were marked not only by academic prowess but by a passion for using knowledge and connections as a conduit for change.

Combining a love for hockey with a commitment to community empowerment, Sky serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and the Director of Business Development at our esteemed Media Buying and Planning Agency. Simultaneously, they assume a pivotal role as the Executive Director of the 43 Oak Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to breaking the barriers to entry and improving access to education through ice hockey for diverse and underprivileged youth.

Sky’s unique blend of experiences fuels a passion for building bridges between organizations, forging symbiotic partnerships that drive meaningful change. Their commitment to breaking barriers and advancing education is a testament to their dedication to fostering inclusive opportunities.

Outside the office or the boardroom, Sky is a connector at heart—a catalyst for nurturing relationships that yield mutual benefit. Their love for connecting people and organizations transcends professional boundaries, creating lasting connections that extend far beyond business partnerships.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a genuine desire to uplift others, Sky is dedicated to crafting a world where meaningful collaborations and education create transformative pathways for all.