Joyce Eck is a distinguished professional with over three decades of expertise in business management, strategic billing, marketing, and visionary leadership. 

As the Chief Operating Officer at 43 Oak LLC, Joyce has exhibited financial prowess, managing all client media accounts efficiently. Simultaneously, she skillfully handles client contracts and media purchases, surpassing client expectations with timely delivery and exceptional service.

Beyond her exemplary corporate role, Joyce has made significant contributions as an integral part of our Media Buying Agency. Her leadership has been pivotal in steering the agency to new heights.

Her exceptional analytical skills, problem-solving finesse, and adept supervision have consistently steered projects to success, demonstrating a keen eye for strategic planning and budget management. Joyce’s expertise in project management extends to seamless execution, aligning organizational goals with innovative strategies.

Recognized for her eloquence in oral communication and public speaking, Joyce is a driving force in organizational settings. Her proficiency in marketing and sales has facilitated successful client interactions and precise contract management.

Joyce embodies a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.